“Letter Reading with Helene” Wednesdays in September

Letter Reading with Helene, including correspondence between Ada Thilén, Maria Wiik and Helena Westermark.

Admission: € 20, the price includes guided tour of Helene Schjerfbeck soul sisters + coffee, at least 5 people. / Max 20 people.

Advance booking: The National Center EKTA 019-289 2512 or the museum office

019-289 2500, limited number of participants per hike.

05.09 pm. 18-20 Ada Thilén (in Swedish)

9.12 pm. 18-20 Maria Wiik (in Swedish)

9.19 pm. 18-20 Helena Westermark (in Swedish)

9.26 pm. 18-20 A mixture of everyone’s letter (in Finnish)

This post is also available in: Finnish, Swedish