Helene Schjerfbeck


Helene Schjerfbeck is one of the most famous artists in Finland and Scandinavia. She was born 1862 in Helsinki, at the age of four she had an accident and injured her hip.This had serious consequences, which would affect her life and artistry. As a convalescent she spent much time painting and drawing. At the age of 11, she was accepted to an art school, as her talent was early discovered.

As a young artist she had the opportunity to study and paint in France and England. In the beginning her style was realistic, but as time passed and moving into the 20th century, Helene developed a very characteristic modern style.

Many of her paintings are famous today, and sold at high prices on international arts auctions. Among the best known are probably “The Convalescent” and “the Dance Shoes”,

Also her self-portraits are well known, these she painted throughout her life.

Helene Schjerfbeck spent the summers of 1918-1920 in Ekenäs (Tammisaari) and was a permanent resident in the town from 1925 to 1941.

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